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New Eastman technology for automotive film dealers

New Eastman technology for automotive film dealers

News 07.11.2019

Eastman Performance Films, LLC (Eastman) is officially unveils a revolution in automotive film technology: Core by Eastman Performance Films, LLC. Core is a patent-pending, analytics-based software platform that goes beyond cutting software to support business operations, integrating desktop and mobile access for remarkable user freedom.

“Core is a reinvention of film-cutting software,” says Darrell Reed, commercial director for Eastman. “Industry-leading capabilities offered by Core were created by Eastman in response to needs from our customers. The result is a solution able to open up flexibility and connectivity far beyond anything previously offered in the marketplace.”

Core is a modern, intuitive experience that offers a verified pattern process to deliver more accuracy and efficiency than ever before. It also serves as an entry point to a much broader global network, connecting businesses, industry peers, and Eastman specialists all in one place to improve productivity and knowledge sharing.

Software developers involved dealers of paint protection film and window tint at multiple phases of Core software creation. Thousands of hours were invested to conduct testing and gather feedback around top features. The result is software that lives up to its name. Core centralizes and simplifies all the moving parts of business, putting Eastman customer needs first by assisting installers with work and dealers with oversight.

Both installers and dealers will appreciate the Core mobile app’s time-saving VIN scan function, able to instantly identify and look up patterns for a vehicle’s make, model and year. The app will display a mobile weeding table, view tack points, take installation photos, and send order details to the desktop for cutting. Desktop displays will feature Core’s innovative approach to cutboards and saved edits, schedules to improve workflow, and much more.

Core is compatible with Eastman automotive film brands LLumar® and SunTek® for the initial North America launch. Dealers currently using PrecisionCut® and TruCut™ systems can expect support in transitioning to the expanded features and mobile device connectivity offered by Core. Customer needs are built into Core software and its future development; a dedicated team of experts will continually collect input and launch enhancements.

Core 1.0 launch is planned for spring of 2020, beginning in North America, with intended expansion to other geographies, V-KOOL® and other Eastman brands in the future. 

“Digital products like Core represent an important opportunity to help our customers win,” said Aldo Noseda, Eastman VP and Chief Information Officer. “I am excited about the combination of our digital capabilities and our unique market and application knowledge in delivering differentiated, specialty solutions.”



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