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PET foam boards extrusion line launched in China

PET foam boards extrusion line launched in China

News 04.10.2019
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The latest Union extrusion line to produce PET foam boards has just started successfully in China at full capacity.

The segment of PET foam board lines for the production of structural reinforcement products for the wind blades, boats, cars, trains and other is getting more and more strategically significant for Union Officine Meccaniche company.

To produce boards from 40 to 80 mm thickness, 600 - 1200 mm width and 70 - 150 kg/m³ density, Union can offer both technologies, such as:

1) One extruder: it means a low speed co-rotating twin screw where all the four phases like melting, foaming, mixing and cooling are done all in one extruder. This solution is suitable up to 500 kg/h output.

2) Tandem extruders: it presumes a primary high speed co-rotating twin screw extruder for melting, foaming and mixing phases + a secondary single screw extruder dedicated just for cooling. This solution is suitable for output from 500 to 1500 kg/h.

About Union Officine Meccaniche

Since 1950 Union plans and manufactures, inside its factory in San Vittore Olona – MI, complete extrusion lines and all the parts which is composed, for rigid and foam plastic materials. All the manufactured lines feature solid mechanical construction, flexibility and easy operation, quality control system of the extruded material and high production performance.



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