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Solutions for seamless recycling management from Vecoplan

Solutions for seamless recycling management from Vecoplan

News 19.08.2019
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Recycling is a long-term solution aimed at reducing plastic waste. Meaningful ways of recycling used material will be on display at the K 2019, which is due to be held from 16th to 23rd October in Düsseldorf. This is because recycling management will be a main topic at this international show. Vecoplan AG will be exhibiting machines and systems that shred, convey and process primary and secondary raw materials. Visitors will be able to get their first glimpse of a highly efficient shredder that is equipped with a flexible drive concept.

One of the key challenges facing today's world is to maintain an environment worth living in for future generations. However, a future without plastics is barely conceivable and the downsides are visible everywhere – for example in the form of uncollected waste that pollutes the land and the seas. These materials find their back via the food chain. This can be prevented by means of correctly functioning recycling management. The demands on recycling activities are very exacting. The purer the material is, the more easily it can be processed and used to produce new high-quality products.

Thanks to its solutions, Vecoplan AG is part of this value chain and has been a successful, reliable partner to the recycling industry for many years. Vecoplan's shredders have been enthusiastically received by the market. These solutions can be perfectly adapted to the technical characteristics of plastic and the downstream recycling process. At the K, Vecoplan will be demonstrating a further milestone in mechanical processing to industry specialists in the form of a single-stage shredder from its new VIZ series (Vecoplan Infinity Shredders). What makes this solution so special? The machine has been designed in such a way that, depending on the requirements, it can be equipped either with the high-torque, quick-start HiTorc drive from the proven VAZ or with the ESC, Vecoplan's frequency-controlled, belt-type direct drive. Both systems are patented and impress through their great energy efficiency. Visitors to the K will be able to find out more detailed information.

One particular highlight of this machine is its great flexibility in terms of the cutting geometry: It can be precisely adapted to different input and output requirements by changing the rotors and blades and by selecting the right screen. The performance can be precisely determined by the interface. Thanks to the efficient machine concept, users benefit from short set-up times and a high level of adaptability to cater for different output requirements.

However, Vecoplan offers solutions not only for mechanical but also for chemical processing. The mechanical engineering company is thus represented at the VDMA Circular Economy Forum in Düsseldorf. "Plastic-to-fuel" systems convert different types of waste plastic into diesel or petroleum fuel, for example. Vecoplan provides the high-performance shredding technology required by these systems in order to process the input material appropriately.



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