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ST BlowMoulding enters a strategic partnership in the field of industrial packaging

ST BlowMoulding enters a strategic partnership in the field of industrial packaging

News 16.05.2019

The blow molding machine manufacturer ST BlowMoulding entered recently a strategic partnership with AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH as a multinational producer as well as with W. Müller GmbH as the supplier and specialist for multi-layer extrusion heads. In this way, ST BlowMoulding lays down the track for entering the industrial packaging market with its proven blow molding machines. "We've already sold ISIT blow molding machines for IBC manufacturing to renowned clients in Europe and North America. However, it wasn't until this cooperation that we strengthened our activities in the field of other industrial packaging such as plastic drums - setting a milestone in our company's history", explains Marco Solinas, Global Product Manager at ST BlowMoulding.

The ECT 880 CoEx3 blow molding machine, which will be used by AST Kunststoffverarbeitung in the future, enables the production of 3-layer plastic drums up to 220 liters. Jörg Strohmann, Managing Director of AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH and Andre Thelen, Director of Machinery & Extrusion, are pleased to have found a leading mechanical engineering company with ST BlowMoulding and also a company that developed a concept, which has been tailored exactly to the needed requirements. In addition, they praise their flexibility as well as their ability to implement individual wishes. Precisely this individualized machine for the production of L-ring barrels will also be exhibited at this year's K trade fair – rounded off by a mold from AST. "We are looking forward to the economic and technical cooperation with the two companies and hence to access a virtually new market for us", sums up Jörn Schütte, Regional Sales Manager at ST BlowMoulding.

About ST BlowMoulding

ST BlowMoulding was founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of blow molding machines. Right from its founding, ST was able to draw on the many years of experience of technical staff at MOI, the first manufacturer of blow molding machines in Italy. The goal of today's 75 employees is to produce plants for the blow molding of plastics according to concrete requirements in close symbiosis with the customers. For this purpose, products and production methods are being further developed together with customers and well-known material manufacturers, and new materials have been tested and used. Areas of application of the suction-blowing technology are automotive and other technical parts, e.g. for kitchens and household appliances (so-called white goods). However, ST is also represented in sectors such as automotive, specialties and increasingly industrial packaging with conventional blow molding technology (2D).

About AST Kunststoffverarbeitung

As a family-run company, AST Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH is producing blown plastic packaging goods for 40 years. The focus is on the production of plastic jerrycans and plastic drums with dangerous goods approval. In addition to the parent plant in Erndtebrück (South Westphalia), AST has further production facilities in Gemmingen (southern Germany), Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. At all locations, a balanced range of the AST portfolio is produced.



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