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SML gets into lamination lines for aseptic packaging

SML gets into lamination lines for aseptic packaging

News 06.02.2019

Precise interaction for excellent product qualtity

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In sharp contrast to nearly all existing extrusion lamination lines for aseptic board packaging, SMLs new line is suited for processing thin paper as well as paperboard at an equally high quality. "Our new line offers a very wide application area - from antiseptic materials for classical beverage cartons to flexible pouches. Its essential characteristic is the very precise interaction between the different unwinding units and laminators, managing very different materials like paper, board and aluminium", explains Mario Hoellnsteiner, the responsible product manager of SML.

Automatic drum winder for heavy loads

Another technical highlight of SMLs new triplex extrusion lamination line for aseptic board packaging is the fully automatic drum winder 1800, suitable for heavy product rolls up to four tons. Finally, the lamination line is setting new standards in automation and digitalisation - providing a central control station system for all production processes, remote operation, supervision and service, as well as interconnectivity with other machines and systems.

About the company

SML is a privately owned, high-tech manufacturer of top quality extrusion lines from Austria. Since 1995, SML is a 100 percent family owned company. The company has gathered a huge array of manufacturing and design expertise.



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