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New generation of classifying systems from Trendelkamp

New generation of classifying systems from Trendelkamp

News 06.02.2019
2016-11-08 TK-K MB mit Deckel offenA

Trendelkamp incorporates new energy-efficient drives to significantly increase throughput rates and achieve remarkable energy savings. Trendelkamp provided a unit to Occhipinti for extensive trial testing and received excellent operational reports. According to Occhipinti, a certified plastics recycling company in Germany: "Sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical is our motto and this new Trendelkamp classifying system has convinced us. We've seen 30% higher throughput rates, 50% time savings during cleanings and additional energy savings", explains Giorgio Occhipinti. Occhipinti was so convinced that they immediately replaced all other existing vibrating screens with the new Trendelkamp classifying systems.

Trendelkamp pellet classifier are uniquely characterized by their quiet oscillating motion. The design is compact and the system ensures that long pellets cannot line up vertically. Changing screens is quick and easy making the cleaning process a breeze. Even dust can also be separated via the undersize outlet.

About the company

The German company Trendelkamp, founded in 1897, provide solutions for melt filtration, granular classification, material mixing and extruder degassing. It is ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 1090 certified. In North America since 1995, Trendelkamp L.P. is a company subsidiary based in Atlanta, GA USA, with sales, technical service, product support, training and spare parts.



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