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The temperature controller HT60 from Hillesheim

The temperature controller HT60 from Hillesheim

News 09.01.2019
temperaturecontroller HT60
Hillesheim HT 60

After intensive development time, Hillesheim presents the new temperature controller series HT60.

This is again an in-house development of the company Hillesheim. The HT60 is the logical evolution of the current HT40 family, which has been successfully represented in the market for many years.

According to the producer, the main features of the HT60 are:

  • Compact and robust design
  • High switching capacity up to 16A
  • Easy operation via text-controlled menu navigation
  • 100% compatible with the HT40 series
  • New and improved features
  • State of the art

Customer-specific adaptations or an OEM version can also be realized. The self-development of the temperature controller and its production by Hillesheim guarantees a high quality, reliability and a long availability.

About the company

Hillesheim has specialised in developing and manufacturing flexible electrical heating hoses and tracer heating systems. In close co-operation with the customer, the company advices and develops innovative heating concepts and special applications. These are based upon more than 30 years of application practice and thousands of well-established customized solution.

With over 40 employees, an own construction and service department, 3000 square meters of manufacturing and storage space, Hillesheim quite regularly presents solutions that are some steps way ahead of the so-called "state-of-the-art".



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