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One more customer orders Bandera geomembrane extrusion lines

News 29.12.2018

The demand for geomembrane manufacturing lines is growing steadily all over the world, and this is where Bandera, already a major player in this segment, steps in to make its market share bigger.

Geomembrane is a sheet made of synthetic materials with barrier properties to prevent or minimize fluid and/or gas migration. These sheets are widely utilized when conducting construction and infrastructure projects as well as for nature protection.

Bandera markets its customizable Geo FutureFilm ® complete extrusion lines as an innovative tool for manufacturing of geomembranes with film thickness from 0.5 to 3 mm and useful width: from 6 to 8 m.

One more customer has recently made a decision to order Bandera-produced machines for his large scale manufacturing project in the United States. Upon the installation of two new lines he will produce geomembranes to be applied for water resources management.

Apart from proven effectiveness of the high-end machines, one of the main reasons that affected the client's choice was a well established customer service program offered be Bandera. It includes aftermarket and training.

In 2015 the Italian manufacturer completed the first phase of its The House of Extrusion® project, located at the company's headquarters in Busto Arsizio, Milan region, Italy. In the end of 2018 the second one was also ready. This innovative state-of-the art facility provides grounds for research and development activities as well as practical training programs.

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