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Ampacet introduces antistatic solution for BOPP film applications

Ampacet introduces antistatic solution for BOPP film applications

News 27.12.2018

Ampacet has introduced PERMSTAT 232, a permanent antistatic solution for biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) that has been designed for problem-free printing, converting and labelling operations.

The labelling industry has searched for decades for permanent antistatic additives to replace conventional migrating antistatic solutions. Conventional solutions can result in unpredictable performance, depending on storage duration and conditions.

Ampacet PERMSTAT 232 provides immediate and consistent antistatic performance, independent of storage conditions, such as time, temperature and relative humidity. PERMSTAT 232 also offers outstanding optical properties, allowing its use in clear, "no-label look" applications. Food approved in Europe, PERMSTAT 232 is convenient for BOPP labeling, including in-mold labels, cut and stack labels, pressure-sensitive labels and other specialty BOPP applications requiring permanent antistatic features.



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