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Making industrial management “smart”

Making industrial management “smart”

News 01.10.2018

The new software package consolidates manufacturing process, raw materials and finished products management into a powerful tool — Smart Factory Dynamic Data Management System, built on the basis of real-time data exchange between principal elements of the production chain and also implementing resource sharing protocols.

Authorized users will now be able to control and adjust the ongoing processes, operating remote terminals with all the data transferring through the cloud platform. Significant process parameters can be visualized on-line, alerting of the actual and potential bottlenecks and other problems. This type of smart digital management fully accords with the ideas of Internet of Things concept.

Material control

The System can be adapted to an individual manufacturer's needs thus being turned into a valuable asset optimizing material handling and improving cost-efficiency. The key functions here are as follows:

* Central materials feeding and precise loading

* Confidentiality on product formulas

* Capacity monitoring and efficiency analysis

Product control

The System can read, record and generate information marks allowing for reliable quality control and handing of semi-finished and finished products, thus eliminating the risk of manual errors. The key functions are as follows:

* Read weigh data record

* Print labels and QR codes

* Product records generated before warehouse

* Original production information can be tracked via QR codes on finished film products

Equipment control

All the machines connected to the System can be supervised simultaneously and all the significant data recorded for further analysis. Operators and managers are enabled to control the equipment from anywhere via various electronic devices as well as receive reminders on scheduled preventive maintenance, for example. The key functions on this side:

* Central management on equipment

* Real-time record on data and query on data logs

* Reminder on equipment maintenance and precaution on malfunctions

* Graphical interface, easy operation

Extended Data Management

Authorized users can be provided with additional information coming from both upstream and downstream directions, integrating data from suppliers, customers and partners and thus allowing for more efficient decision-making. The key functions are as follows:

* Real-time query on production data during operation

* Maintenance precautions and reminders push to Mobile

* PC + Mobile Terminals: Real-time data and factory situation can be reached clearly via a self-developed APP



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