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Extrusion 8-2018

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TROESTER at International Elastomer Conference IEC 2018

News 18.09.2018
Troester RotomexZXNeo
New Rotomex ZX Neo gear extruder used for straining & pre-warming

In 1892, the German engineer Paul Troester started a company to build machines designed to process unvulcanized rubber. Now, 126 years later in 2018, TROESTER GmbH & Co. KG is known as a global premium supplier of extrusion systems and a trusted partner to many rubber companies worldwide.

TROESTER offers a wide range of standard and custom-designed extrusion solutions for profile and hose manufacturing, sheet rubber products, material straining, and many other specialty applications. TROESTER solutions offer the maximum benefit for their customers' needs.

In North America TROESTER is represented by TROESTER Machinery, Ltd. (TML) who are responsible for machinery sales, spare parts sales and service. In addition, TML is partnered with German based Gerlach Maschinenbau GmbH for the sale of most advance continuous curing equipment available on the market. Over the past year TML has been reorganized and now employs an additional sales resource as well as a new field service engineer.

A team of TROESTER specialists, including representatives from the Gerlach Maschinenbau, will be present at 2018 International Elastomer Conference to present and discuss the latest developments in extrusion technology.

International Elastomer Conference
Louisville/KY, USA, 9 – 11. October 2018


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