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AllRollEX®: Flexibility and user friendliness for cast stretch film production

News 04.09.2018

In the premises of Azzate (Varese), one of the Colines Holding's five manufacturing facilities, the company ran a fully successful final test of an AllrollEX® cast line for stretch film production. The tested AllrollEX®, which was bought by a prestigious Spanish company, was realized with uncommon and forefront technical solutions (7 layers / 5 extruders, able to produce up to 6 in-line rolls with a 250 mm width; the latest winder Allspeedy® IV) and produced in just one day of testing a complete set of stretch films.

The realized products fully satisfied the customer's requests:

  • 12 micron "power" stretch in machine rolls at 650 m/min speed
  • 8 micron "power" stretch in machine rolls at over 550 m/min speed
  • 8 micron "superpower" stretch in machine rolls at over 550 m/min speed
  • 8 micron "superpower" stretch in jumbo rolls (400 mm diameter) at over 550 m/min speed
  • 8 micron "superpower" stretch in hand rolls with 2'' core at over 550 m/min speed
  • 23 micron "standard" stretch in hand rolls at over 1000 kg/h speed (rolls-exchange in about 25 seconds)

"The test results were just great – says Nicola Lombardini, COLINES® R&D manager – because we could run all the different options in a very short time, even switching the production from 3'' reels to 2'' reels. Our customer really appreciated the great performance but moreover the amazing flexibility and user friendliness of the line. These have always been among the best features of the AllrollEX® line since its first version and in the newest and fastest versions we could keep them at best, while improving the line performance".


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