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Pixargus: Inline measurement of inner geometries

News 13.06.2018
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Pixargus is the first to offer an inline gage measuring the inner cross section and the clamping sections of cut profiles immediately after the cutting device

The new Pixargus ProfilControl 7 DX ICSM is the first inline gage measuring the inner cross section and the clamping sections of cut profiles immediately after the cutting device in extrusion lines. The gage can handle profiles made of plastics, rubber or metal. Flaws occurring during production can now be detected much earlier and corrected in real time. Cumbersome sample preparation has become a thing of the past. Measuring technology specialist Pixargus offer the ProfilControl 7 DX ICSM system as an inline or stand-alone unit.

The new ICSM (Inner Cross Section Measurement) system developed by PIXARGUS replaces conventional offline measurements using tabletop projectors. The system makes time-consuming and costly manual preparation of cross section samples redundant, as the ICSM module now inspects the complete inner cross section and the clamping sections of cut profiles automatically and continuously during running production. "This eliminates a great number of process steps and allows the processes to be optimized in real time," explains Dirk Broichhausen, Head of Marketing & Sales at Pixargus.

Immediate availability of measuring results reduces out-of-specs production

csm Editor dfb049508b
With the PC7 DX ICSM editor it is now possible to define both the inside AND outside parameters for the profile production process with pinpoint accuracy

By the inline measurement, flaws occurring during production can be detected earlier and corrections can be made in real time. "We have closed the time window that used to exist between a measurement, the availability of the measuring result and the corrective measures. This dramatically reduces the production of out-of-specs material," says Broichhausen. Another advantage of this innovative technology is that rather than picking random samples, ProfilControl 7 DX ICSM checks the complete inner cross section of all profiles of a batch and automatically generates a test log of each piece of profile.

Smart multi-camera sensors even capture the clamping sections

In order to get a grip on the inside geometry of profiles, the Pixargus metrology experts have combined special measuring algorithms into an entirely new measuring concept. The ICSM module inspects the profiles immediately after the cutting process. Any contaminations of the measured profile in the form of saw dust or transient deformations caused by hot cutting techniques (guillotine cutting) are recognized and masked out by the ICSM. The intelligent module is capable of extracting interfering effects. "We operate within a strong network and make use of the full performance potential of our software," adds Broichhausen.

Wall-thickness measurement for tubes and hoses

csm ProfilControl-DX-ICSM-Syste 156b036b9e
Up to ten high-resolution DualVision cameras continuously measure the complete inside and outside cross sectional geometry of profiles

ICSM can also be used to measure the thickness of walls and layers. This makes the ProfilControl 7 DX ICSM devices also suitable for the measurement of the inner cross section of cut co-extruded hoses and tubes, replacing conventional measurements by ultra sound.

ProfilControl 7 DX ICSM: Inline or stand-alone unit

In the Pixargus Classic Solution Line, the PC7 DX ICSM comes with an easily maneuverable undercarriage for flexible use at the line. The module of the Factory Solution Line has been optimized for installation in the extrusion line. Here the system measures the inner cross section continuously at line speeds of up to 50 meters per minute. Pixargus offers the PC7 DX ICSM also as a stand-alone automatic measuring station. The pieces of product to be tested are manually fed into the unit, which is equipped with a driven conveyor belt and a sorting device.

PC7 DX ICSM is designed for use in Industry 4.0 environments. The system comes with all common interfaces, such as OPC, UA etc, for communication with the extruder and the cutting machine. It can be integrated within the closed loop controls of the extrusion line.


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