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“THE Bullet II” extrusion head from GUILL

News 29.05.2018
Guill Bullet II a

Guill Tool introduced The Bullet® in 2015, a new extrusion head with fixed center design, multi-port spiral flow design and gum space adjustment, plus the added feature of no fastening hardware, so cleaning and restart are easier and faster than any conventional head on the market currently, according to company sources. Today, the company announces the next generation of this unique and patented tool, The Bullet II.

The Bullet II allows quick tooling changes, as the tips remove from the back and the die removes from the front of the unit. The absence of fastening hardware eliminates leaking, as does the taper body and deflector design pioneered by Guill. Additionally, the new patent pending CAM LOCK® deflector retaining system offers these additional benefits to extruders and machine builders:

Guill Bullet II b

• It only takes ½ turn of the Cam Lock® to remove and install the Deflector and Tip

• No fastening hardware required

• Fast tool changes, threaded retaining ring for the die and threaded tip retainer

• Dies are removed from the front and tips from the rear

• Tooling retainers also provide gum space adjustment

• Hassle free air / vacuum connections

Guill Bullet II c

• Simplified cleaning

• Reduces downtime and lowers operating costs

High- and low-volume applications are suitable for this head and are accommodated with the simple, easy changing of just one component. A family of crosshead designs is available and users can specify the "caliber", that is, the max. die ID.

A vacuum chamber and kit for assembly and disassembly are included with the unit. Optional keyed tooling capability offers machine designers and end users quick orientation, so the overall unit design enables faster disassembly, proper cleaning and restart, allowing the line to become more profitable, more quickly.


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