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IMS Deltamatic becomes IMS TECHNOLOGIES

IMS Deltamatic becomes IMS TECHNOLOGIES

News 28.05.2018
IMS Technologies headquarter

IMS Deltamatic S.p.A., headquarted in Calcinate (BG), one of the world's leading companies in designing, manufacturing and trading of high technology automatic special machineries for converting, packaging and automotive industries, announces the change of its corporate name into IMS TECHNOLOGIES S.p.A., with immediate effect.

The new brand identity reflects the strategy of the Group aiming to develop its three lines of business: converting, automotive and packaging.

IMS TECHNOLOGIES is now controlled by Coeclerici S.p.A., which acquired the remaining 33% stake at the end of December 2017, one year after the acquisition of 67%.

The top management, supported by the new shareholder, has set up new strategic lines as part of the "2019 Strategy" plan, focused on the development of important synergies between the various market segments and the fulfillment of economies of scale, to ensure a solid growth in business in the medium-long term.

"2019 Strategy" both ensures the continuity of the previous development plan, thanks to which the Group has already achieved significant results over the past few years, and forecasts further important targets for business growth in the two-year period 2018-2019. The focus will be especially on the continuation of a profitable growth with a further development through acquisitions and organic growth, with the aim to strengthen its market position in the coming years.

All the companies and brands that are part of IMS TECHNOLOGIES (GOEBEL IMS, Rotomac, Deltamould and Kasper) will implement the group's new corporate identity strategy, continuing to work through their specific business, marketing and product initiatives, which contribute to achieve global performance.

Daniele Vaglietti, CEO of IMS TECHNOLOGIES, Paolo Clerici, Chairman, and Teresio Gigi Gaudio, Vice President, will implement the new strategic plan relying on a team of highly qualified professionals.

"Thanks to our new business and organizational model, we will benefit from a competitive advantage, by simplyfing the activities coordination and achieving economies of scale, in terms of knowledge and skills, product development, technology and manufacturing", Daniele Vaglietti, CEO, stated.

About the company 

IMS TECHNOLOGIES, founded in Bergamo in 1983 by Raffaele Ghilardi under the name of IMS Deltamatic, has more than 350 employees, 237 of which in Italy, and a turnover of approximately 72.4 million Euros. IMS TECHNOLOGIES is one of the world's leading companies in the design and manufacturing of special machineries for the converting, packaging and automotive sectors. IMS TECHNOLOGIES is 100% controlled by Coeclerici S.p.A.



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