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Сo-rotating twin screw extruder ZP-XFOAM 180/32 from Union

News 23.05.2018
IMG 5231
ZP-XFOAM 180/32

The PLAST 2018 (29.05 – 01.06.2018, Milan, Italy) is ready to start and UNION would like to take this occasion to invite all the interested persons to join the event and  to appreciate the quality of its last co-rotating twin screw extruder type ZP-XFOAM 180/32 born to extrude PET foam boards with density from 60 to 150 Kg/m3 and 60mm thickness.

The PET foam board is widening its fields of application thanks to its strong mechanical charactheristics that make it one of the best reinforcement material for structures, because combine strenght and leightness.

The PET board produced with the ZP-XFOAM 180/32 is going to be used for the construction of the wind wings for wind turbines, but the same is more and more used in the automotive industry and for the construction of maritime boats.

During last year, UNION has invested a lot to develop an extrusion technology able to improve the performance of this polymer under the foam form, both as sheet and board.

This year, the company has lounched on the market the first tandem extruder (co-rotating twin screw ZP 71/40D as primary + single screw TR 130732D as secondary) to produce PET foam sheet starting from virgin granule when intended for food packaging or starting from 100% r-PET when intended for industrial packaging.

The excellence achieved in terms of density and structure of the cells have solved most of the atavic problems of the PET foam sheet (collapsing during thermoforming and lack of rigidity) making the final result extremely promising for a possible a huge change in the packaging industry dominated by the PS/PE foam.


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