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Efficient machines for quality PC bottles

News 10.04.2018

Water dispensers that first became common in the USA are gradually gaining popularity in more and more places. Thus the demand for big plastic bottles, mostly made of polycarbonate, is on a positive trend.

BEKUM BA 25 high-performance blow molding machine for 5-gallon PC water bottle production

Polycarbonate material (PC) provides numerous benefits to water containers larger than 2 gallons in capacity. It combines hardness and wear-resistance with excellent glass-like transparency that is important both for easy remaining water level detection and making the product appealing to the customers. Other material properties worth noting are heat-resistance and recyclability due to its thermoplastic nature.

PC bottles are generally produced on extrusion blow moulding lines. BEKUM Maschinenfabriken GmbH has developed a world-class reputation with its BA up-to-date high-quality machines. One of this series is BA 25 designed for production of standard 5 gallon bottles for water dispensers. This compact machine is both reliable and highly-productive.

Energy-efficient motor, special screw geometry, system's high accuracy and repeatability make BA 25 model very potent and competitive on the global market.


BEKUM (stands for Berliner Kunststoff Maschinen) Maschinenfabriken GmbH is a family-owned company with headquarters in Berlin and productive facilituies in Traismauer (Austria) and Williamston (Michigan, USA). It is one of the world's most experienced companies in the segment of blow moulding solutions.

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