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New Issue
Trade Shows
06. May - 10. May 2024
NPE, Orlando, USA

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International USA 2-2020

The issue's advertisers:

New Customer very satisfied with New Generation Extruders

Within two years, the Egger Group decided several times to purchase a conical conEX NG 65 twin screw extruder from battenfeld-cincinnati Austria GmbH, Vienna. All extruders were installed in the edge strip plant Egger Dekor A.S. in Gebze, Turkey.

Largest PVC-O Pipes Manufacturer in the World

Molecor is the leader company specialized in the development of the latest technology, applying Molecular Orientation to  pipeline solutions. Molecor began it business focusing on Oriented PVC pipes and fi ttings for pressured water conveyance.  TOM® pipes covernominal diameters from 90 to 1,200 mm in 12,5, 16, 20 and 25 bar pressure.

Certified Compostable Cling Film for Fresh-Food Packaging developed

BASF and Fabbri Group have developed a sustainable solution for cling fi lm used in fresh-food packaging: Based on BASF’s  certified compostable ecovio®, Fabbri Group produces the highly transparent stretch fi lm Nature Fresh.

Data Security Despite an Open System Architecture

The open architecture of an automation system of Generation 4.0 offers key benefi ts and the signifi cance given to it by  operators of these systems is equally high. An open architecture with standardized communications protocols and  standardized interfaces is one of the requirements for conversion to Industry 4.0 technologies.

Circular Economy – A Contributing Factor to Success

Contrary to the equipment suppliers for the automotive segment, the suppliers of waste disposal and recycling technology see  a real boom in incoming orders. Herbold Meckesheim has full order books for 2020 and even further projects for 2021are  already being fi nalized.

Automatic Thickness Control System

ALEKO – the largest Russian manufacturer of equipment for polymer processing – has presented to the market a product,  which is unique in its technical characteristics, and which makes it possible to decrease thickness variations to 70%.



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
Equiplast postponed 08
Plastpol postponed 08
The Plastics Industry paving the Way for Rebound 11
Interpack 2020 postponed 12
New date for wire and Tube Düsseldorf 12
Fakuma 2020: Digitalisation and Circular Economy 13
New Date for American Kuhne SpotlightTM Medical Extrusion Conference 14
New Dates Confirmed for Plastics Recycling Show Europe 14
New Executive Vice President 15
Interplastica and upakovka 2020 – Positive Results and a Good Atmosphere 16
Smart Factory is built 17
New Managing Director 18
New CEO 18
Active Supporter of the Circular Plastics Alliance 19
Sales Office will boost Market Presence in Eastern Europe 20
Expansion of Executive Management 20
Reciprocating Head introduced 21
New SKZ Inspector active for the Middle East/North Africa Region 22
Closing the Loop with PET – Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Projected to Grow 22
Top Position in the Area of Measuring, Control, Sorting and Inspection Systems 23
New Capacitive Charger 24
Acquisition 24
Find Solutions to Sorting Challenges 25
FDA Approval for Pharmaceutical Package Leak Testing received 25
Industry News USA 26
Recognized for Improved Recyclability 26
US Department of Agriculture to Present at Agricultural Film USA 2020 Conference 26
Plastics Machinery Shipments Stayed Low in 2019 – Despite Fourth Quarter Uptick 27
New Material Solutions at 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas 27
Capacity expanded with Sheet Line 28
PLASTICS Responds to Udall / Lowenthal Bill 28
New CEO 29
Delivery of ULTRA Extruders accelerated 29
Partnership with the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC) 30
New Executive Leadership Roles announced 30
ISO Certification achieved 31
Investment in Reclaim Extruders for Sustainable Recycling Operation 31
Second Annual Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards 32
Vice President of Operations named 32
New Laboratory 33
New Director of Sales 33
Extrusion Tooling 34
Getting the Most from Your Extrusion Tooling 34
Extrusion Technology – Case Study 38
New Customer very satisfied with New Generation Extruders 38
Film Extrusion 39
Wordwide First BOPP/BOPE Hybrid Stretching Line ordered 39
Recycling – Case Study 40
Kenya: Social Responsibility with Plastics Recycling 40
Additive Blends for Plastics Recycling 42
Highest Performance of Recycled Plastics 42
Materials 43
Certified Compostable Cling Film for Fresh-Food Packaging developed 43
Pipe Extrusion 44
Largest PVC-O Pipes Manufacturer in the World 44
Compounding – Case Study 46
Complete Vacuum Supply with MINK Claw Vacuum Technology 46
Automation Systems, Industry 4.0 48
Data Security Despite an Open System Architecture 48
3D-Electronics, Thermoforming – From Research 50
Roll to Roll Components developed 50
Film Technology, Quality Control 52
Automatic Thickness Control System 52
Cooling Technology – Case Study 54
Strong Cooling Power, Low Cost 54
Pelletizing 57
Circular Economy – Pelletizing High-Quality Polyamide made from Multi-Layer Packaging Waste in Newcycling® Process 57
Recycling 58
Circular Economy – A Contributing Factor to Success 58

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