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New Issue
Trade Shows
06. May - 10. May 2024
NPE, Orlando, USA

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International USA 5-2019

The issue's advertisers:

Innovations for Compounding and Recycling

The Upper Austrian “MAS Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH”, inventor and established supplier of the conical co-rotating twin-screw extruder system, will introduce two new innovations for the compounding and the recycling technology beyond the twin-screw extrusion technology at the K 2019

Higher Performance and Productivity of the Pipe Extrusion Plasts Thanks to Industry 4.0 Development

Pipe manufacturers are more and more oriented towards cost efficiency and energy saving, but always aiming at the best   performance and output rate achievable for their pipe extrusion lines. Tecnomatic will exhibit innovative solutions for pipe extrusion at this years K-show

New Models Extend Applications for COMPEO Compounders

BUSS’s new COMPEO 88 and COMPEO 110 kneaders for plastics and elastomers are to be introduced at K2019, adding two higher throughput models to the COMPEO range of compounding systems

Circular Economy: Hot Topic at K 2019

Despite the many advantages of plastics, this important raw material has come into disrepute for some time now – because of the plastic waste that pollutes entire regions and fl oats in huge carpets on the world’s oceans. But this problem can be solved. As the concept of “circular economy” plays a central role in this, it has become a hot topic at K 2019

New Technological Developments for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

ILLIG Maschinenbau will be presenting multiple technological novelties at the K 2019. At this year’s stand the focus will be on sustainable packaging solutions according to the theme of circular thinking with aspects such as Designed for Recy-cling and Eco Design

Treatment Technology for the Plastics Industry

Vetaphone, the Danish manufacturer and pioneer of Corona surface treatment will be displaying a diverse range of surface treatment technology for the plastics industry at K 2019



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
Interplas 2020 Expands 08
3rd International Recycling Forum 11
Science Award Presentation 11
CHINAPLAS 2019 Show Report 12
Flexibility & Innovation 13
Realignment of Branding and Corporate Strategy 14
Expansion of Polymers Portfolio 14
Market Study: Fillers-Europe 15
Start of the Study on Collaboration for Promotion of Gasification Chemical Recycling of Plastic Waste 16
Third Production Line for PET Polymer Producer 16
Household RefuseSorting Plant extended with a PET Washing Unit 17
Shrink Sleeve Film 18
New 500 Series Rubber/Silicone Extrusion Crosshead 18
The Biggest Cross Head for Pipe Coating PO 1000 CR 20
Autoflex™ Die Reduced Gauge Variation and Downtime 22
Additive Masterbatch Makes Black Plastic Packaging ‘Visible’ to Sorting Systems 22
Leadership Change 24
Plastic Industry Veteran Mirek Planeta retires 24
Automation Company Inspires and Motivates Students to Pursue Science/Technology Careers 25
Phosphite Antioxidant now has Broader Approval for Food-Contact Applications 25
New 800 Series Hybrid Extrusion Tooling 26
Focused Sale of Industrial Resin Business announced 26
Personal Touch secures Order 27
Strech Film Production expanded 27
Film Extrusion 28
OptiFlex Line – How Adjusting Thickness and Flatness of Film Becomes Fast&Easy 28
Extrusion Technology 30
Innovations for Compounding and Recycling 30
Periphery 32
Coated Melt Pumps ensure Product Quality 32
Pipe Extrusion 34
Higher Performance and Productivity of the Pipe Extrusion Plasts Thanks to Industry 4.0 Development 34
Thermoforming – From the Research 38
Optimisation of the Plug Geometry in Plug Assisted Thermoforming to increase Material Efficiency 38
Pelletizing – Case Study 44
High-Performance Cartridge Filter System stabilizes XPS Extrusion 44
3D Printing 47
Benefits for Electroplating Industry 47
Measuring Technology 48
Digital X-ray Measuring Technology in the Production of Hoses and Tubes 48
Measuring Technology 51
iNNOVATE, iNVENT, iNTERACT – Novelties made by iNOEX GmbH on K 2019 51
Pipe Extrusion 54
PVC-O Pipes and Fittings for Industrial Applications 54
Film Extrusion 56
Highlights in the Film Blowing Technology from Russia 56
Circular Economy – Interview 58
Recyclers are investing strongly 58
Circular Economy – Interview 59
“Circular economy will give us a competitive edge” 59
K 2019 Dusseldorf 60
Circular Economy: Hot Topic at K 2019 60
Two premieres at K 2019 62
New Technological Developments for Sustainable Packaging Solutions 64
Faster, Quicker, and Less Expensive: Flat Dies Reworked with Cutting-Edge Technology 65
New Models Extend Applications for COMPEO Compounders 66
Automation and Auxiliary Equipment for the Plastic Industry 67
New Equipment and Software Applications 70
New Standards in the Field of Optical Profile Measuring Systems 71
Mixing System and Container Mixer 72
Single-Screw Extruder for Small Pipe and Profi les with New Control Unit 73
Pioneering Circular Economy 74
Compact Extruder 75
New Generation of Extruder Degassing Systems 76
Slitting and Winding Solutions for Film Manufacturers and Converters 77
Cast Line for Stretch Film Production 78
Fine Mesh Straining of Rubber Compounds for the Highest Requirements 79
“Creating Change Together” 80
Treatment Technology for the Plastics Industry 81
New BRUGGOLEN Additives overcome Performance Boundaries 82
Color Masterbatch 84
New Form/Cut/Stack Thermoformer 85
Multilayer Blow Molding Machines and Technical Products 86

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