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New Issue

Extrusion 3-2024


Extrusion 3-2024

Trade Shows
23. April - 24. April 2024
Chinaplas, Shanghai, China

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International USA 3-2019

The issue's advertisers:

LAYER.COEX plus – that’s Economic Efficiency

With LAYER.COEX plus, the latest co-extrusion technology fromGreiner Extrusion, highest cost savings can be achieved due to the use of a high proportion of mixed regrind, with simultaneously highest processing reliability.

Quality and Innovation for Plastic Pipe Extrusion

CCA GmbH develops reliable high-performance solutions for plastic pipe extrusion. The highquality calibration sleeves are used successfully all over the world.

Innovations from Italy at Plastpol 2019

Moretto participated at Plastpol 2019. Together with the team of the local branch, Moretto welcomed the main players of the plastics industry.

„When producing a perfect pipe not only customers will be satisfied, but we will be too“

Since 2017, Gerodur has been usingmillimeter wave technology from SIKORA AG for the measurement of the wall thickness, diameter and sagging of plastic pipes during the extrusion process.

Terahertz – iNOEX Technology sets Industrial Standard

iNOEX recognized the benefits of the new key technology Terahertz / millimeter waves at an early stage and has during the past 8 years developed it into a pioneering technology which is now ready for use in industrial environments.

Market Launch of ZE GP Agile Compounding Extruder

At this year’s Chinaplas, KraussMaffei Berstorff showcased its new ZE GP Agile twin-screw extruder series. This extruder generation is specifically aimed at compounding companies on the growth track that intend to substantially increase their productivity.



Firms in this issue 06
Imprint 07
Industry news 08
Calendar 08
New Trading and Service Portal for Recycled Plastics goes live 08
RecyClass Platform 11
Brazilian Market for Plastics Machinery 11
Market Study: Polyvinyl Chloride 12
„Plastic Extruders: Rheology, Performance Evaluation & Maintenance“ 12
Newly Designed, Information-packed Website 12
Liquid Additive increases Physical Properties of Recycled Polymers 13
High-Performance PVC Elastomer Insulation Compounds 14
Acquisition 14
Rebuilding started 15
Reliable Control over Process Temperatures 16
Four more Machines for Fujian Billion, China 16
Further Assembly Plant 17
CPP High Barrier Film launched 18
New Polyethylene Technology Advancements introduced 18
Light Stabilizer for Greenhouse Films 19
Biopolymers Applications 20
New Plant 20
Market Launch of ZE GP Agile Compounding Extruder 21
Innovative New Spacialty Masterbatch Products 22
Recycling Plant for Plastics to Japan 22
Plants in Spain and Indonesia are recently certified to Key Food-Contact Standard 23
New Recyclable Packaging launched 23
Plastics Machinery Shipments Decline in First Quarter 24
New Categories in Annual Parts Competition – Call for Entries 24
Extrusion Tooling – Latest Technology showcased at Interwire 25
Opening of Canadian Distribution Operation announced 25
365 Days Injury-Free celebrated 26
First All-Plastic Twin Drum for Transport of Highly Aggressive Chemicals launched 26
Changes in Top Management announced 27
Unique Augmented Reality Experience of Complete Measurement System at ICE USA showcased 27
Profile Extrusion 28
MILL/8 – New Customized Milling Machine 28
Extrusion Technology 29
LAYER.COEX plus – that’s Economic Efficiency 29
Pipe Extrusion 30
Quality and Innovation for Plastic Pipe Extrusion 30
Film Extrusion 31
New Pilot Plant Line for Packaging Industry 31
Extrusion Technology 32
Extrusion Lines fort he Production of Waterproofing Membranes in PVC & TPO supplied 32
Extrusion Tooling 33
New 500 Series Rubber/Silicone Extrusion Crosshead 33
Recycling, Compounding 34
Regeneration of Heavily printed Ground Film with Tandem Line 34
Automation for Plastics Processing 36
Innovations from Italy at Plastpol 2019 36
Measuring Technology 38
Terahertz – iNOEX Technology sets Industrial Standard 38
Measurement Technology – Case Study 41
„When producing a perfect pipe not only customers will be satisfied, but we will be too“ 41

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