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New Issue
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15. - 19. October 2024
Friedrichshafen, Germany

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Extrusion Asia 2-2017

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在2017年杜塞尔多夫国际包装展上,AMUT COMI 展 出了型号为AMP 850-GP的离线式热成型机,设备配备 了生产自动售货咖啡杯的全套模具。采用单工位技术: 成型和修边操作同时完成,采用倾斜模。

AMUT COMI exhibited at interpack 2017 an off-line thermoforming machine, model AMP 850-GP, complete of a mould for vending coffee cups. The technology applied is single station: simultaneously forming and trimming operation, with tilting mould.

Evonik: 原料 : Evonik 的VESTAMID®Raw 原料:和弦之 声 Raw Materials: Evonik’s VESTAMID® sounds the chord

Evonik和中国富有经验的单丝生产商nTEC合作,共同开发成功 了新型单丝,采用Evonik的高性能塑料VESTAMID®,生产乐器 的弦。

Evonik and NTEC, an experienced manufacturer of filaments based in China, have jointly developed a new monofilament using Evonik’s high performance plastic VESTAMID® for instrument strings.


敬请垂询/ Imprint 05
企业短讯/ Industry Internals 06
KraussMAFFEI BERSTORFF: 挤出技术 : 迎合高标准的最佳性能 Extrusion Technology: Peak performance for high standards 16
Davis-Standard: 在中国国际医疗与技术展览会 上推广医用导管的专门知识 Promotion of Medical Tubing Expertise at Medtec China 17
Zumbach: 测量 : 塑料橡胶工业当代最先进的测 量设备来自仲巴赫 Measurement Technology: State-of-the-Art Measuring Equipment for the Plastics and Rubber Industry 19
ILLIG: 热成型 : 包装技术的新维度 Thermoforming: Pushing Forward into New Dimensions 22
Sikora: 测量 : 完善质量管理,实现最高的可靠性 Measurement Technology: Perfection in quality management as basis for highest reliabilit 26
BASF: 原料 : 包装工业可持续发展的解决方案 Raw Materials: Sustainable Solutions for the Packaging Industry 28
Milliken: 原料 : 透明包装的解决方案 Raw Materials: Clear Packaging Solutions 30
Evonik: 原料 : Evonik 的VESTAMID®Raw 原料:和弦之 声 Raw Materials: Evonik’s VESTAMID® sounds the chord 32
Solvay: 原料:Hyflon® PFS Raw Materials: Hyflon® PFS 33
本期杂志中的公司目录 / Firms in this issue 34

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