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Hexachase chooses Vetaphone technology for its Nordmeccanica laminator

Hexachase chooses Vetaphone technology for its Nordmeccanica laminator

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Founded initially as Hexachase Labels in 1996, with Hexachase Packaging added in 2002, Hexachase Flexipack was opened in 2015 with a mission to create innovative and sustainable packaging solutions with a strong ‘green conscience’. The company specialises in converting primary flexible materials, including film and laminates into single or multiple layers high quality printed packaging materials. The flexible packaging is supplied in roll form or as pre-made pouches.

The company prides itself on using advanced technology to serve a variety of market sectors in which the maintenance of strict quality management practices is essential to meet the specifications of multi-national as well as local companies. According to Executive Director Chai: “Hexachase aim is to deliver versatile, eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions that combine protection with shelf-appeal on custom designs that are sustainable.”

The materials (substrates) in most use are PP and PE and to laminate these films successfully requires surface treatment before they are rotogravure printed on one of three presses. Hexachase has four Nordmeccanica laminating lines running 90% solvent free. The latest laminator was specified with two Vetaphone corona treaters, supplied through the Danish manufacturer’s local agent Colorblend. These are VE1C-D (C4) models with a 1420mm web width and a 6kW power rating, capable of running at sustained speeds of 450 m/min.

Rayson Ng, Business Development Manager at Colorblend takes up the story: “Hexachase knew Vetaphone had a good reputation for design, and following a recommendation from a customer, we arranged to do a livestream demo for them from the manufacturer’s showroom in Denmark.”

Three things really impressed Hexachase: the iCorona ‘intelligent’ generator, the easily removable cartridge that allows the operator to clean and maintain the electrodes, and the integrated iCC7 panel that offers touchscreen control.

Speaking for Vetaphone, Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific Holger Selenka commented: “We are delighted to be onboard with such a vibrant company as Hexachase and look forward to extending our business with them. To be able to demonstrate our technology with a live link to our showroom in Denmark proved crucial in securing this order, and we see it as an asset for all those companies who are too far from Denmark to visit in person.”

Hexachase Flexipack will continue to grow its business from a current annual sales figure of around $25m, 30% of which is exported to nearby Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, as well as Europe.


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