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Erema's anti-odour technology in India

Erema's anti-odour technology in India

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ReFresher from EREMA

Banyan Nation (India), a vertically integrated plastics recycling company recycles post-consumer polyolefin waste into high quality regranulate. The company has now combined its EREMA INTAREMA® TVEplus® recycling machine, on which the HDPE and PP waste is recycled, with a ReFresher. This technology reduces odour, making the end-product compatible with sensitive personal care and food grade packaging applications. Thanks to the combination of the INTAREMA® TVEplus® RegrindPro® machine with the ReFresher, EREMA has enabled the PCR-HDPE produced by Banyan Nation to be used for the production of packaging for direct contact with food and beverages, as confirmed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

"Banyan has enabled leading FMCG and Lube Oil brands put over a billion bottles made from recycled plastics on store shelves. We have earned the trust of customers, brands, and converters through our 100% traceable sourcing, responsible manufacturing, and precision engineering approach. This is just the beginning - we want to build on this trust and make the use of PCR plastics the norm in India and beyond", says Rajkiran Madangopal, Co-founder & COO.


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