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New R-PET sheet line for the middle eastern market

New R-PET sheet line for the middle eastern market

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UNION Officine Meccaniche s.p.a. announces the sale of a complete line, intended for the Middle Eastern market, for the production of PET multilayer sheets for food packaging starting from post-consumer material.

The extrusion line, capable of reaching an output up to 1500 kg/h, is designed to be fed with recycled materials without compromising the quality of sheets achieved, which result similar in transparency and brightness to the sheets made by virgin material.

The upstream is composed by two extruders and equipped with a new filtering system capable of stopping even the smallest impurities present in the materials used. Thanks to the die and the co-extrusion block it is possible to stratify with different configurations and number of layers.

The downstream consists of an automatic horizontal 5-rolls calender capable of guaranteeing thicknesses from 0.15 to 1.6 mm.

Considering the quantity of PET lines produced by UNION, it has been possible to revolutionize some of the key concepts of standard extrusion, to become the protagonists in the flat die technology.



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