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Quality control of filaments for 3D printing

Quality control of filaments for 3D printing

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PMH GmbH is a German manufacturer of individual extrusion lines with over 30 years of expertise. In addition to standard extrusion lines, the plant in Königswinter, Germany, also manufactures complete filament lines in which filaments for the 3D printer industry are produced. To ensure the highest possible quality in the production of the filaments, PMH equips its lines with measuring and control technology from SIKORA.

Especially in the production of high-quality filaments, for example for 3D printing of medical technology, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on quality assurance. Filaments are thermoplastics that are assembled as wire on spools and used in the 3D printing manufacturing process. PMH manufactures complete extrusion filament lines, consisting of extruder, water bath, haul-off and winder, for filaments with diameter ranges of 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm. For customers who require quality control, PMH offers measurement and control of the filament line by means of a 2-axis laser measurement as standard. For this purpose, one LASER 2010 XY from SIKORA is used per filament line. The gauge head based on laser technology precisely measures the diameter of the filaments. In combination with an ECOCONTROL 600 processor system, the filament dimensions are visualized and automatically controlled, ensuring a high-quality filament. This inline quality control prevents, for example, feeding errors and possible clogging of the 3D printer.

“The demand for the use of measuring technology in the production of high-quality filaments is unbroken,” says Michael Kinnart, Technical Director at PMH GmbH. “All the more, we are pleased to have found a reliable partner in SIKORA, who has a suitable solution for our customer needs, which can be easily integrated into our complete lines.”



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