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Berry Produces Lightweight Pack Solution for Croatian Company

Berry Produces Lightweight Pack Solution for Croatian Company

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Berry has provided its EasySnacking™ on-the-go packaging solution for one of Croatia’s most popular cream spread brands, ensuring at the same time that the pack meets the customer’s sustainability requirements.

Podravka’s Lino Lada is a top seller in its home market and the rest of the Adria region thanks to the company’s continued product development. The new on-the-go variants for two of its products, Lino Lada Gold and Lino Lada Duo, both delicious chocolate-hazelnut cream spreads, were designed to meet consumer demand, as Maja Pezelj Stunja, Brand Manager at Podravka, explained:

“Following the rising trend of on-the-go products, we decided to offer our most popular flavours, Lino Lada Gold and Lino Lada Duo, as on-the-go options. Now, we have successfully launched a very appealing solution that gives consumers an easy way to enjoy our spreads whenever and wherever they like. It is an example of how Podravka achieves growth by continuing to add new products, flavours and packaging solutions to the Lino Lada product family.”

Appealing solution through partnership

Berry has a long-standing track record as Podravka’s packaging partner during which time the two companies have developed several successful projects together. Berry was therefore an obvious choice for Podravka’s on-the-go solution.

“Our goal was to find a practical lightweight packaging solution made with as little material as possible,” said Renata Tomerlin. “We found a perfect match in EasySnacking™ by Berry with an integral wooden spoon. It is, above all, practical and in line with our sustainability plans and need for packaging that is easy to recycle. Further, it has first-class image quality with in-mould labelling on the base and a PP self-adhesive label on top of the lidng solutions to the Lino Lada product family.”

The market’s response to the new packaging in Croatia is very positive and Podravka is highly optimistic about the prospects for its on-the-go products in the Adria markets, as well as in Western and Central Europe.

Lino Lada cream spread was first launched in 1998. Today, the product range includes five varieties: duo, milk, nougat, coconut, and Gold.



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