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W&H: VAREX II with MDO line installation for Indian market

W&H: VAREX II with MDO line installation for Indian market

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Soparkar & Kothari Technologies (S&K) installed their first project for the hygiene film market realizing the global trend toward multilayered blown film line and chose the best-in-class technology, VAREX II with MDO line for manufacturing breathable and non-breathable back sheet films.

The VAREX II with MDO offering is unique in comparison to any regular blown film line. It runs at high speed even at low thicknesses of 12 gsm with exceptional stability.

The global market volume of breathable films in personal care and hygiene end uses should increase to almost 600 thousand tons by 2026, at a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period of 2021-2026. Rapid urbanization, increase in disposable income, in addition to increasing awareness of menstrual health and hygiene, are expected to accelerate the growth of the hygiene products market in India.

By using a blown film manufacturing process for its diaper films, S&K is taking a step away from conventional cast film extrusion. This is because W&H blown film systems offer clear cost benefits while maintaining or even improving levels of quality.

 Blown Film Lines: A more proven and efficient hygiene film market solution

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Directors: Ms. Shraddha Soparkar, Ms. Vidisha Kothari and Ms. Deval Soparkar (top left to right clockwise)

“Globally we are witnessing a clear trend of companies moving to blown film extrusion technology for their backsheet films. As a high-performance blown film extrusion line, the VAREX II + MDO offers significant efficiency that could prove the key to success here by making the whole process more cost-effective”, says Gerhard Schoone, Sales Director, W&H.

With 100+ MDO installations globally, W&H has consistently delivered product quality that exceeds customer expectations. W&H’s MDO Technology proven for high quality breathable film along with patented thickness measurement system helps save trim wastages to achieve best film profile tolerances on winder. Even at high speed of more than 200 m/min the winders are well equipped to produce best quality finished rolls.

 Ms. Deval Soparkar, Director S&K Technologies, commented: “In our market study, we saw that monolayer cast film lines have been dominating the Indian market for many years while global trend is more towards the multilayered blown film line. India is also importing such films in huge quantities. We realized that there is a strong need for quality blown films. With this need identification in mind and with a mission to make the best technology available for the Indian market, we began our journey to search for the best blown film line suppliers in the world. 



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