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New sheet line for thermoforming in post-consumer recycled material

New sheet line for thermoforming in post-consumer recycled material

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07 12

UNION announces the start of a new project, intended for the production of thermoformable sheet starting from post-consumer plastic, with Plastisavio s.p.a., an important Italian company in the field of plastic flat and roll-stock sheets.

The project is optimized to produce sheets of excellent quality, with a high output of 1500 kg/h, starting from 100% post-consumer polystyrene. The line ensures a very efficient cleaning process with mechanical filtration and purification, thus guaranteeing the quality of the finished products, capable of being equal to those made with raw materials. Sheet produced will be characterized by particularly low thicknesses and high stability.

This project, which makes it possible to reuse post-consumer plastics, in order to allow the creation of new efficient and economically advantageous products, is characterized by a considerable saving of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to the complete benefit of the environment.



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