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India’s First with AquaFrost® Technology from Brampton Engineering

India’s First with AquaFrost® Technology from Brampton Engineering

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Davis-Standard’s President and CEO, Jim Murphy, Brampton Engineering’s Executive Vice President, Gary Hughes, and Vice President, David Kerfoot, present an award to Vishakha Polyfab, CEO, Jigish Doshi, along with Akshat Doshi and Ankit Doshi at K2019

Multilayer film leader Vishakha Polyfab will become the first processor in India to add Brampton Engineering’s AquaFrost® water-quenched blown film technology. Brampton Engineering is a Davis-Standard company and a leading provider of multi-layer AeroFrost® air blown, AquaFrost® water quenched film systems, film winding and many other film production solutions. Vishakha Polyfab has been a longtime Brampton customer, installing India’s first seven and nine-layer barrier blown film line. With the addition of the water-quenching system, the company will be able to improve film clarity and thermoformability, balance orientation, and increase processing versatility with fewer resins.

“We have worked with Vishakha Polyfab for almost 20 years in supplying equipment solutions to address their needs,” said David Kerfoot of Brampton Engineering, A Davis-Standard Company. “Our close and productive collaboration has enabled us to grow together and advance multi-layer film technology in the region. We look forward to their continued success in leading the film packaging market in India and beyond.”

India’s packaging sector has grown exponentially and is one of the most sought after barrier film manufacturing markets in the world.

About AquaFrost® Technology

BE’s AquaFrost® technology has changed the flexible packaging industry and reduced capital investment requirements. As the company states, in addition to 50 per cent less floor space requirements, AquaFrost® line provides an additional 10 to 18 per cent annual return when compared to a cast film line.

The benefits include:

  • Industry innovator with the largest installed base
  • 3 to 11 layers, barrier layer as low as 4%
  • Less crystallinity than cast & conventional blown film
  • No trim waste, less floor space, & less capital than cast process
  • Lower cost materials



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