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BOBST K4000 with Hawkeye installed at IG Design Group UK Ltd

BOBST K4000 with Hawkeye installed at IG Design Group UK Ltd

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In order to increase capacity and enhance product capability, the company chose a BOBST K4000 1650 due to BOBST's reputation in the market as a proven solutions provider and the unique BOBST Hawkeye monitoring system. BOBST Hawkeye is an OD beam measuring up to 4.5 OD at 25mm pitch that detects pinholes and other defects alerting the operator immediately to ensure no interruptions to production, improving quality and machine efficiency.

The BOBST K4000 is used as part of the Transfer Metallizing process developed by IG Design Group to manufacture gift wrap. The process encompasses Coating of a fully recyclable, polyester based carrier film with a fully sustainable water based varnish system, transferred onto an FSC accredited base substrate.

Commenting on the purchase, Lance Burn, Managing Director from IG Design Group said "Our new BOBST K4000 has been operational since the start of this year and we are very satisfied with the performance. When we needed to expand our capacity to meet demand, we chose BOBST due to their experience and reputation in the metallizing market and also as a UK manufacturer, their ability to offer local service support".

About IG Design Group

IG Design Group offer a complete end-to-end service from design to distribution across four product categories of Celebrations, Stationery & Creative Play, Gifting and Not-for-resale paper bags. The company began in 1979 as Scandinavian Design to design, manufacture and supply gift wrap to retail and wholesale customers. After a number of mergers and acquisitions the company is today a global business operating under the name of IG Design Group.



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