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Competitive edge for high-end film production

Competitive edge for high-end film production

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With a group installed capacity of >100,000 tons per year, the Indonesian based PT Indopoly Group is well known for their high performance BOPP and BOPET products and excellent customer support. Aiming on further enhancing film quality, yield and production efficiency of specialty BOPP films, Suzhou Kunlene and Brückner Servtec teamed up to raise potentials of existing production lines.

The project started out with a professional on-site audit by Brückner Servtec process specialists, listening to Suzhou Kunlene challenges and evaluating the actual production situation and setup. Quick wins were achieved by directly implementing first improvement recommendations. A detailed report elaborated by Brückner Servtec and Suzhou Kunlene specialists subsequently showed options with high impact on achieving Suzhou Kunlene's objectives and provided a solid decision-making basis.


Suzhou based BOPP line, which has been in production for 15 years, received state-of-the-art direct drives and additional preheating rolls to improve the film quality. A modern LIWIND system ensures best winding quality at all production speeds and for all products. The operations efficiency increased by the use of a state-of-the-art IPC system, together with software and setup improvements for main- and co-extrusion. The overall energy consumption was also significantly reduced by the measures taken.

Considering the tight production schedule of Suzhou Kunlene, the upgrades and enhancements were achieved within the shortest time. As per high commitment and perfect cooperation of all participants, the startup was still ahead of schedule.

The line is back in production with higher efficiency and better performance than ever before.



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