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Cast-lamination line with 3 sections for the production of barrier film

Сase studies
Line layout

Food application needs a multilayer film with barrier properties against gas, fats and flavourings.

The line configuration includes 3 sections: two with flat die (cast) – one for barrier resins (PA) and one for polyolefins (LDPE, LLDPE, yonomers) – and a centrally placed lamination section where the two formed films are coated.

A barrier film with net width of 1.800mm and PA / Primer / Pe+Pe / Pe+Pe+ Pe formulation is obtained. The roll diameter is 800 mm and the total output is 600 up to 900 kg/h depending on thickness.

Even if the formulation of produced film is quite simple, the line has great performances in terms of efficacy, efficiency and flexibility. The absolute absence of "curl-problem", the high transparency of the film and the in-line edge trims recovery system to reduce waste at minimum represent further competitive margins, especially for vacuum pouches production.

Line composition:

Detail of the line

First section: cast for PA barrier

Consisting of: extruder with gravimetric dosing system, automatic T-die, chill roll with 3 heated calenders, vacuum box, rolls unit for film stabilization, water based Primer-Coating station with reverse roll system and hot air dryer, Corona treater.

Second section: cast for PE

Consisting of: 3 extruders with related gravimetric dosing systems, 3-layer feedblock, automatic T-die, chill roll with two cooled calenders.

Extru-lamination central station

Consisting of: 2 extruders with related gravimetric dosing systems, 3-layer feedblock, automatic T-die, chill roll with 3 cooled calenders, control of lamination pressure, stripping roller.

Each section is equipped with scanner for automatic gauge and film tension control.

The line includes an in line edges trimming, recovery and refeeding system and an automatic contact and gap winder, with integrated edges slitting.

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