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Pelletizing through and through: Underwater systems by ECON

Assembly: reactor + melt pump + EUP 50

Underwater pelletizing with thermal die plate insulation involves die plate secured on the heated carrier body. The melt does not "freeze", which is mainly critical when processing hotmelt adhesives. The technology is developed by ECON and provides the following key benefits:

  • Easy and secure startup
  • Insignificant material waste at startup
  • Process possible at very low water temperatures
  • Freezing of die holes avoided for utmost process stability
  • Quick pellet cooling
  • Pellet conglutination prevented

Hotmelt pelletizing requires quick cooling of pellets in order not to let them stick together and form lumps. Otherwise, pellets may become irregularly shaped if not cooled enough straight after cutting. This is the reason why process water must be cooled to very low temperatures. Process water temperatures ECON uses for hotmelt applications range within 5...15 °C. The thermal insulation technology makes it possible to keep a pronounced temperature drop between the hot melt and the cold process water; freezing of extrusion strands is thus avoided.

twin screw
Assembly: twin screw extruder + melt pump + EUP 150

ECON underwater pelletizing systems enable processing of various hotmelt adhesive types based on PA, EVA, polyolefins, etc. Individual material properties define the customer-oriented setup of ECON machines.

ECON provides two common assembly types for hotmelt applications. The first one comprises melt guided to an underwater pelletizer using a twin screw extruder and a melt pump. Another proven technique is processing directly after a reactor, with an additional melt pump as well.

The ECON technical center owns a twin screw extruder version, available for customer validation trials.


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