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Netzsch Introduces DSC 300 Caliris® Classic for the Quality Control of Polymers

Netzsch Introduces DSC 300 Caliris® Classic for the Quality Control of Polymers


Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a well-known thermal analysis technique in materials science that has been proven over decades. In the realm of DSC, NETZSCH has unveiled its latest innovation: The compact DSC 300 Caliris® Classic.

Ideal for Quality Assurance, Routine Tasks and Education

The new compact DSC 300 Caliris® Classic - a working horse for the quality control of polymers, food, cosmetics and other organic materials

This instrument stands out for its robustness and attractive price-performance ratio as well as for its compactness and user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for the quality assurance of polymers, food, cosmetics and other organic materials.It is best suited for routine measurements in the range from -170°C to 600°C, for industry and contract testing laboratories.

Having launched the DSC 300 Caliris® Select and Supreme last year, the DSC Caliris® family is now complete!The new DSC 300 Caliris® Classic is the new basic DSC entry model. It has an optional automatic sample changer with 20 positions and an optional touch display. Its big sister, the DSC 300 Caliris® Select additionally allows the sensor module to be exchanged with an identical module, while the DSC 300 Caliris® Supreme allows the module to be freely interchanged by the user with any available module. In addition, NETZSCH offers UV accessories for the entire series.

DSC 300 Caliris® Classic – Key Features and Benefits

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    For DSC measurements a wide variety of crucibles and sensors are available
    Compact Design: With laboratory space often a premium, the DSC 300 Caliris® Classic's compact design (42 cm width!) – especially when paired with cooling accessories like the intracooler – makes it a top choice. It can be seamlessly integrated into almost any lab or production environment for quality control purposes.
  • Innovative Proteus® Software: Features like AutoEvaluation and the Identify Now Function, combined with the next-gen data management system LabV®, ensure that data collection and organization are streamlined for a hassle-free laboratory workflow. The Proteus® software’s SmartMode interface has been carefully designed to offer clarity and consistency. This ensures easy navigation, making it user-friendly even for those new to DSC. The software provides pre-configured measurement templates, allowing for instant measurements with minimal input.
  • Touch Display: Beyond the conventional display, the Caliris® Classic offers an optional integrated touchscreen display. This allows users to initiate measurements directly from the touch display and provides detailed information about the measurements as well as real-time data. This eliminates the need to constantly access a PC.
  • High-Performance Sensor and Crucible: The monolithic DSC sensor is designed to be stable even in challenging environments, ensuring optimal performance. The sensor disks and thermocouple wires are laser-welded. Additionally, the temperature range of up to 600°C facilitates easy cleaning, and the instrument’s design allows for quick installation of various cooling systems.


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