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Special production: melt pump for filament production

Special production: melt pump for filament production


Only with the right process, high-quality products and precisely fitting individual parts can the best feeding and extrusion results be achieved. Most of the company’s equipment is therefore developed and produced according to specific customer requirements. For example, an extruder was recently further developed and supplemented with an integrated melt pump for filament production for 3D printing.

In order to ideally implement the customer's requirements, a melt pump from WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY GmbH was installed for the special production. The pump guarantees an almost pulsation-free product flow. Since it can be temperature-controlled, the viscosity of the melt can be very finely adjusted as it exits the nozzle. The product quality is thus significantly improved, resulting in significantly fewer rejects and higher-quality grades. The pump is driven by a servo motor and can accurately deliver between 0.8 to 10 kg/h depending on the medium.

The melt pump is installed in the extrusion process upstream of the die, where it ensures a constant pressure as the material exits through the die. In this process setup, the pump and the extruder form the core components. Depending on the process and the task, metering devices for bulk materials (e.g. powder or granules) and liquids can also be used upstream of the extruder. In the process after the melt pump follows the shaping die and further equipment, such as a conveyor belt, a water bath, a winder or a granulator.



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