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Entex: Project study temperature control variants

Entex: Project study temperature control variants

Temperierungsvarianten deu

The significantly lower energy costs and the more effective use of energy are not only good for the environment, it also protects your wallet. The investment of the liquid temperature controled system is higher at the beginning, but the pure operating costs of the temperature controled system are amortized after less than 1 year and the costs of the complete extrusion system after 3 ½ years.

 Why it is like that? - Clearly, the liquid temperature control and the thin wall thicknesses of the planet roller extruder make it possible to heat up by up to 50% less. Here, the heat transfer to the product is therefore much more effective. In addition to this energy saving, there is also the “settling in” of the process, which is about 5 times as fast as with electrically temperature-controlled systems. Processes can also be effectively cooled in the shortest possible time.Because of the modularity, heating and cooling processes can be partially eliminated. The art of process engineering lies in the omission of process steps - only possible with the modular planetary roller extruder system. Thermal oil devices of Entex have now a maximum flow temperature of 420°C

Electrically heated thermal oil devices were previously limited to a maximum flow temperature of 400 °C

With a new product from Fragol, ENTEX already started last year with designing a device that is prepared for a maximum flow temperature of 420 °C. In addition to the suitability of the mechanical components, such as pumps (Fa. Speck), heaters (Fa. Kleinesdar), great attention was paid to the observation and investigation of the thermal stability of the thermal oil.

The joint studies have meanwhile shown that both, the thermal oil and the mechanical components, meet your requirements even in the high temperature ranges.

During the development, ENTEX placed great value on the detailed test runs, to be able to supply the customers with binding and sustainable technology in order to guarantee the highest possible system availability.

ENTEX now has a new generation of thermal oil devices in previously unavailable temperature ranges.



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