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EKO-N: Two drying concepts combined in a new drying unit

EKO-N: Two drying concepts combined in a new drying unit

EKON Prototyp
ECO-N dryer

KOCH-TECHNIK, specializing in peripherals, has combined the advantages of two successful CKT and EKO drying concepts in this dryer, thus creating a new drying unit. EKO-N is available in 8 various construction sizes ranging from 110 to 2,000 (m³/h).

Its optical design is not the only attractive feature, though. The concept of the heat exchanger with the piping system taken from the EKO dryers has been further improved in the EKO-N series and proves its quality there as well. As the heat is recuperated, energy consumption is reduced by 20 to 30%, depending on the material drying temperature. The average energy consumption decreases with constant quality.

In addition to the standard blower with frequency regulation (from the construction volume of 300 m³ / h) the new dryer is also equipped with KOCH ÖKO’s patented energy management, which intelligently adapts to the drying process to save energy and protect the material, to ensure maximum energy savings. By combining dew point control, ÖKO equipment and blowers with frequency regulation, up to 50% energy savings can be achieved when drying the granulate. Thanks to the modular system from KOCH, various drying containers with a capacity of 20 to 600 litres can be integrated into EKO-N dryers. EKO-N dryers are available in 8 various construction sizes 110-2,000 (m³/h).

The user can display all relevant operating conditions and information and they can adjust parameters, such as drying time, temperature and dwell time, at any time, using the 10.4-inch touch panel. Safe operation of the dryer itself is ensured by micro filters, overload protection, air check and temperature limiter. The drying process is constantly monitored via sensors. Dry air with a dew point of -55 ° C can be produced in order to absorb moisture from the granulated plastic and to achieve the required residual moisture content of the dried material.

Using an Ethernet connection, the EKO-N device can be connected to the corporate network to control the drying centrally via Koch visualization software. For other use in industrial automation, i.e. for the practical application in plastics processing within Industry 4.0, the new dryers equipped with the OPC-UA open interface standard allow data exchange between production machines and peripherals independent of the manufacturer.



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