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EPS-SURE, the polystyrene recycling project concludes with success

EPS-SURE, the polystyrene recycling project concludes with success


EPS-SURE, the expanded polystyrene recycling project in which COEXPAN has participated as a collaborating partner has come successfully to an end. The EPS-SURE initiative arose in 2017 as a project promoted by the European Union through its Life Programme , with the participation of a consortium of businesses in the plastics industry.

Coordinated by Cicloplast, in addition to COEXPAN some of the other participants are El Corte Inglés, ANAPE and Total Ibérica.

The Life EPS-SURE project focuses on a system for the collection, pre-treatment, and recycling of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) waste from fish boxes for its subsequent use as raw material in new PS packaging suitable for food contact.

The project’s closing conference took place on Friday 19th June, with the presentation of the main conclusions and test results. The project has proven that it is technically viable to recycle Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and recover it as a new raw material (rPS) so that it can be included again in the plastics value chain.

Within the framework of this project, COEXPAN has been involved at the end of the process as a converting partner, carrying out the extrusion of recycled PS (rPS) sheets and its subsequent transformation through the thermoforming process for its use in new packaging. COEXPAN has also performed all the relevant tests throughout the process (mechanical and functional properties and food safety testing). The sheets of recycled PS (rPS) obtained from the plastics extrusion process are intended for use in food packaging that complies with all EU food safety requirements.

“The EPS-SURE Project represents a great achievement in terms of the sustainability and circularity of PS. Through this collaborative process between the project members, involving partners from the whole value chain, we have advanced towards the circularity of polystyrene, demonstrating the technical viability and food safety of rPS packaging as well as its mechanical and functional properties, performance and unique features that potentially make it a leading polymer in terms of efficiency and circularity. This project brings us nearer to achieving our commitment to produce increasingly sustainable and efficient packaging with the least impact on the environment”. Gonzalo Sánchez, COEXPAN Global Technical Director.



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