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ZIM project - development of new flame-retardant polymer composites

ZIM project - development of new flame-retardant polymer composites

ZIM Projekt

In order to obtain flame protection for different applications, it is necessary include high amounts of flame retardants into a polymer system. The good flame retardant-properties result in reduced strength and impact resistance. For many applications the mechanical properties are important, e.g. for lightweight construction, metal replacement etc. The mechanical properties are obtained through reinforcement materials such as glass or carbon fibres.

In the ZIM-project FlamZation innovative surface modifications are to be combined with classical fillers with the aim to fulfil the fire protection regulations of the different application areas and to eliminate the disadvantages of a significant deterioration of the mechanical properties.

In the research project FlamZation the DTNW uses his experience to developed flame-retardant systems as additive for different polymers. In combination with the required additive the flame-retardant requirements for different applications areas, without the disadvantage of losing the mechanical properties, should be reached.

The production of the flame retardants in laboratory scale for screenings as well as in pilot and production scale is implemented by the abcr GmbH.

Material development is carried out by the Gemeinnützige KIMW Forschungs-GmbH, which contributes its expertise in the fields of compounding, injection molding and material validation.

The upscaling behavior of the new material systems is qualified by BADA AG. BADA AG is also in a position to test newly developed material systems in accordance with the requirement profile in accordance with UL standards and, if necessary, to list them.

As a user of electronic components Weidmüller will undertake the material qualification on the basis of a benchmark which is intended to show the potential of future material developments.

In addition to technical base polymers, fillers and reinforcing materials, natural fibres will also be included in the assessment. In cooperation with the company ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH investigations are carried out by means of a planetary roller extruder in order to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the process technologies twin screw extruder vs. planetary roller extruder with regard to the incorporation of the innovative flame protection systems.

The project partners thus represent an efficient project consortium along the entire value chain for the realisation of new flame-retardant polymer composites for applications in the fields of E&E and building materials.



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