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DOTP Plasticizer for PVC-Processing

DOTP Plasticizer for PVC-Processing


Interview with Denis Gerber,
Senior Expert at SIBUR’s Plastics, Elastomers and Organic Synthesis Division

Denis, could you please tell me about the product that SIBUR launched this spring in Perm? What type of processing was it  designed for?


Denis Gerber: SIBUR Holding launched the production of dioctyl terephthalate plasticizer (DOTP) located on the territory of Sibur-Khimprom, Perm. The official opening took place in May. DOTP is demand in the production of floor coverings,  membranes, films, wallpaper and many other products, and from plasticized PVC. Accordingly, the types of processing can be  different depending on the final product: extrusion, calendering, injection molding.

I guess PVC processors are already using some plasticizers, so could you tell me about competitive strengths of your DOTP?

Gerber: If you compare DOTP with other primary plasticizers, such as DOP (dioctyl phthalate) and DINP (diisononyl phthalate), then DOTP main advantages include its environmental friendliness and safety for human health. For more than ten years, the  USA, Europe and many other countries have had severe restrictions on phthalate plasticizers in the production of children's  toys, packaging, hygiene and cosmetics. Phthalate plasticizers – group of substances based on phthalic anhydride (such as  DBP, DOP, DINP, DIDP and several others). The main raw material for DOTP is terephthalic acid and this type of plasticizer fully  complies with modern international requirements for the safety of chemical compounds. DOTP also has a number of  advantages:
• low volatility, which significantly increases the lifecycle of the final product;
• low temperature fragility;
• expansion  of operating temperatures of cable products from -40 +70 to -45 +80 °C.
The quality of  Sibur DOTP corresponds to inter-row benchmarks, and in terms of parameters such as the content of the main  substance, color, thermal stability exceeds them.


What foreign markets are you planning to enter with your DOTP?

Gerber: One of the main aims of the project is to replace the import of plasticizers in the Russian Federation and to meet the needs of local manufacturers. At the same time, analysis of potential markets showed that there are significant DOTP deficit on  the European Union market, amounting to approximately 200 thousand tons per year, which opens a window of opportunity for export to this region. Also interesting is the CIS market.

Do you already have any cases of successful implementation of your DOTP? Are there probably any big brands among your  new customers?

Gerber: SIBUR is developing cooperation with partners in all segments of plasticized PVC processing. In each industry, there are  several leading companies where DOTP has already been implemented or testing is at the final stage. For example, Bashplast, BSK and Hemkor in the segment of cable and wire products. Tarkett, Beaulieu, IVC Group in the flooring segment. Technonikol and Penoplex in the segment of PVC membranes, Clarity in the segment of PVC film and this list can be continued. The previously noted competitive advantages of Sibur DOTP, such as environmental friendliness and safety, improving the operational quality of finished products, high and stable quality, make it possible to efficiently and without restrictions introduce this plasticizer at all enterprises of plasticized PVC processors.

Thank you for this interview.



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