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New challenges, new changes

New challenges, new changes


Union Officine Meccaniche, a leading manufacturer of complete extrusion lines for rigid and foam plastic materials, shares its idea of facing new challenges and taking a chance of new opportunities.

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In times when our lives have changed, maybe forever, our business is going to change, too. It is clear to us that the market is going to demand quick actions to satisfy the need of many companies to change their production, which probably will not be the same any more.All of us are called to new challenges and to modify our business models to catch new business opportunity. We, at Union, are ready for that!

Just to make an example in this sense, we’ve got an unprecedent increasing demand for extrusion lines to produce solid PC sheet of optical quality!

These pandemic times, in fact, impose certain changes both in our private and business life that require new products, such as, eyes protection, separators for restaurant’s and bar’s tables, separators for gym centers or planes or trains, all in the name of the “social distance”.

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Our solid PC sheet extrusion technology is the answer to these needs and one of our latest advanced line has just been commissioned succesfully in Italy and two more are under construction right now.

The latest news of this technology is represented by a new profile of the screw, new gear pump made by Union and screen changer, that stabilize the process as never before, reducing drastically the pulsations in the die which is a crucial condition to obtain superior optical quality.

Another great peculiarity of our PC solid sheet technology is the horizontal calender with a pivoting exit roll that guarantees precise and fast positioning during thickness change, all synchronised in automatic mode.

The postioning of the rolls is secured by an innovative hydraulic system working always in “active mode” and able to guarantee a tolerance of 0,02 mm only!

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All the calender rolls are individually driven and equipped with the last generation gears of “backlash free” type with direct coupling to the rolls.

The line ends with a rotating saw cross cutter with an automatic stacking device of ”take&place” type, for sheets up to 6 mt long.The downstream is equipped with a double longitudinal blade/saw cutting station for the correct cutting for the different thicknesses and with an anti-scratch polyethylene coating system on both sides of the sheet.

The hourly output can be up to 1000 kg/hr, thicknesses from 1 to20 mm and useful width 2050 mm.



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