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HUB by Technyl® accelerates customer product innovation

HUB by Technyl® accelerates customer product innovation

Advanced part testing facilities at Technyl Innovation Centre in Lyon France
Advanced part testing facilities at Technyl® Innovation Centre in Lyon, France

Solvay Performance Polyamides unveils HUB by Technyl® to further accelerate customer product innovation in fast-changing markets. HUB by Technyl® features strengthened MMI® Technyl® Design1 advanced predictive simulation, application performance testing (APT®) and Sinterline® 3D-printing services, better connecting them to the entire Technyl® development offering.

“HUB by Technyl® is a unique platform of upgraded services, fully integrated and closely connected together, ready to provide our customers enhanced capabilities and synergies for eco-design agility and cost optimization,” comments Antoine Guiu, Global R&D Manager at Solvay Performance Polyamides. “Accelerating product innovation means constantly investing in new capabilities as demonstrated by our brand-new test bench for potable water management.”

APT enables wide range of part testing
APT® enables wide range of part testing

The Technyl® APT® laboratory comprises an extensive testing offer for fluids: circulation, leakage, air pulsation, burst pressure, and corrosion. This is today complemented with a test bench for water management systems to simulate the ageing of materials in hot-cold water circulation trials at different chlorine and oxygen levels. Customers can evaluate the performance of applications under extensive real-life conditions including adaptive burst pressure, weld line resistance, surface aspect and weight loss testing.

“Global manufacturers of components such as boilers, circulation pumps, and water meters in contact with potable water are increasingly looking to address cost and performance challenges while speeding time-to-market,” says Florence Schutz, Global Marketing Manager, Solvay Performance Polyamides. “With upgraded capabilities, HUB by Technyl® enables integrated component design that would not be possible in metal, using our new APT® test bench to validate ageing and performance of the adequate Technyl® material.”

With HUB by Technyl®, Solvay Performance Polyamides is the only supplier worldwide to support customers from material selection range to physical part testing under stringent environment. Leveraging advanced design simulation or 3D prototyping, this unique hub of advanced services provides enhanced product differentiation, accelerated time to market and development cost efficiency.



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