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Extrusion 4-2019


Extrusion 4-2019

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Technologies for excellence in extrusion – Gramixo

Technologies for excellence in extrusion – Gramixo


Those involved in blown film extrusion know that they must be able to maintain a "constant" level of quality always compliant to the specific parameters required by the customer. They must provide themselves with equipment which guarantee a safe and reliable process, free from possible and expensive production errors.

Dosing the exact quantity of material, maintaining a constant weight per meter ratio, creating process stability and knowing how to "pilot" the extruder are essential requirements to ensure high quality standards and eliminate any risks of hidden costs and material waste.

The extreme importance of the dosing phase in the extrusion process has led Moretto SpA, technology leader in auxiliary equipment for the plastic industry, to analyze the phenomenon linked to production and to develop innovative solutions capable of ensuring high dosing precision, flexibility and perfect mixing of the materials.

A true record is the one achieved by GRAMIXO, the loss in weight doser which integrates the most advanced Moretto dosing technologies together with the experience of CONTREX, a company of the Group that boasts over 30 years of experience in the loss in weight for blow film extrusion. In fact Gramixo guarantees precision levels without equal: the flow rate deviations are less than 0.01 percent.

The extreme precision is determined by the exclusive "double eyelid" mechanism that allows the release of the granule in just 25 milliseconds, a reaction time ten times faster than the systems traditionally present on the market. An exclusive Moretto patent, the double eyelid device is tested for millions of cycles and is a standard equipment for Moretto's batch gravimetric devices.

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Talking about flexibility, another important innovation developed by Moretto, is the Vibration Immunity System, a special calculation algorithm that identifies and smoothes out any dosage peaks caused by the extruder vibrations. Thanks to this technology, and with the ability to control the towing and to operate retroactively on the set production target, GRAMIXO can be installed directly on the extruder, thus ensuring high precision performance with the certainty to keep a constant weight per meter ratio throughout the process.

The system is able to dose up to six components and, with the inclined free weighing mixer developed by Moretto, a correct mixing of all the ingredients is guaranteed, excluding any possible overmixing phenomenon. A reliable, modular and easily accessible machine for the operator, who can easily view the status of the machine and intervene with rapid changes in production and cleaning. The equipment is completed by a 9.7'' touch screen with easily intuitive icons: all the production control keys are shown in a single screen. MOWIS, the integrated supervision system patented by Moretto, can monitor the entire transformation process with "Quality 4.0" constant over time.

The extruded blown film must be perfectly compatible with the high quality standards required by the various sectors. The plastic industry does not admit errors, production wastes, delays, downtime and unexpected costs. With its machines and exclusive technologies, Moretto favors the supply chain to achieve production efficiency and certified quality. 

About the company

Since 1980 Moretto S.p.A. designs and manufactures highly competitive machinery, original and low energy consumption systems for injection, extrusion and PET processing. The company offers a complete range of automations and technologies for conveying, drying, grinding, dosing, storage, thermoregulation, cooling, supervision and integrated systems for plastics processing plants. Today Moretto is an integrated company projected towards the global market. In addition to its headquarters in Italy, the group has 8 commercial branches located in Brazil, Deutschland, East Europe, Turkey, USA, Russia, India and China, and is supported by local distributors in over 60 countries worldwide. As a technological leader in the plastics sector, Moretto holds more than 160 patents and continues to invest 6% of annual turnover for research activities carried out by a special R&D center located in the Italian headquarters.



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