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Breakthrough hybrid evaporative cooling system from Thermal Care

Breakthrough hybrid evaporative cooling system from Thermal Care

Accuchiller TCF

Thermal Care, a leading manufacturer of process cooling equipment, has launched a breakthrough hybrid film evaporator chiller that reduces energy use by 34% and uses less refrigerant than competitive flooded chillers.

The company's new Accuchiller TCF model chiller uses a Hybrid Film Evaporator which provides the energy efficiency of wet (flooded) systems in a compact footprint using less refrigerant, according to Bob Smith, Thermal Care's Director of Product Management. The Accuchiller TCF is Thermal Care's first Hybrid Film Evaporator system and builds on the success of the company's industry-leading variable-speed, centrifugal compressor systems. Thermal Care also combines the energy savings of the new TCF chiller with their other energy savings technologies like adiabatic fluid coolers and free cooling system designs.

The new Accuchiller TCF was developed in response to market demand for improved energy efficiency and reduced refrigerant charges. Thermal Care is one of the first industrial chiller manufacturers to commercialize this breakthrough technology for process cooling market segments including plastics processing, food processing, metalworking, and other key industries.

Unlike current flooded evaporative systems which immerse copper water tubes in liquid refrigerant, hybrid film evaporation systems use a thin film of refrigerant to achieve more energy efficiency with a reduced amount of refrigerant.

The hybrid technology boasts a compact modular design, providing a 25% smaller footprint which maximizes floor space and helps to reduce production costs for manufacturers. The Accuchiller TCF also features Thermal Care's unique advanced PLC control system which controls, monitors, and maintains stable and reliable operation of the pumping system. A durable color touchscreen displays a variety of operational screens for an uncomplicated view of the system, including time stamped faults or alarms and compressor and pump hours. The Accuchiller TCF is also equipped with an Ethernet port and is fully compatible with the company's CONNEX4.0 plant-wide equipment remote control and monitoring system.

About the company

Thermal Care is a leading manufacturer of water chillers, process cooling equipment and systems for applications worldwide. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Thermal Care provides heat transfer equipment for over 50 industries and specializes in meeting the specific needs of our customers by offering both standard and custom designed industrial process cooling solutions.



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