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It is time to develop Russian market

It is time to develop Russian market


Sales Manager at MIXACO Maschinenbau, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andreas Backhaus shared its view of the Russian market specifics.

Are you exhibiting at Interplastica for the first time?

Andreas Backhaus

It is our first visit to Interplastica after 3 year pause. Now we'd like to push forward the business further more in masterbatch and additives applications, and compounding application. We see a lot of possibilities. It is a strong and price-sensitive market. We are high-quality machinery producer. Our machines with innovated mixing technology give our customer higher benefits. For many customers it's difficult to buy high-quality machines with higher prices. They think they cannot afford buying high-quality equipment. And this is where our work begins. It is important to show and explain the customer the advantages and benefits of using state-of-the-art mixing technology.

Our company was founded in 1965 and since then we have been providing state-of-the-art solutions for the mixing machinery market. We are market and technology leader trying to design new mixing technologies for our customers to optimize their production and to create a higher benefit. We think it is time to develop Russian plastic market. It is a step-by-step story, a long-term work. We have already done this successfully in the field of powder coating applications. Our goal now is to develop long-term partnership with the local producers who understand the benefit of using high-quality machinery with longer life-time.

What regions are your key markets?

Europe, of course, North America, Asia and Russia.

What do you think about Chinese competition?

Luckily Chinese companies do not focus on mixing equipment as mixing technology is not their strong point. Our advantage is also that all our machines are patented. Since high-quality industrial machinery is always a question of investment, in Russia some producers start business with Chinese equipment. They start earning money and then turn to caring about saving money by using high-efficient technologies. So they come to buying European machines and replacing the old equipment with the new one of high-quality. This is the way the customer goes sometimes in Russia.

What difficulties do you face on the Russian market?

It is mostly about showing the benefits of our solutions to the customer. The first question is always about the price. But the client should realize what performance he gets for that price. It is our competence to demonstrate the advantages of our solutions.



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