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AUREX MK – Process-fitting measuring chamber

AUREX MK – Process-fitting measuring chamber



20 years of experience in ultrasonics are one of iNOEX's highlights and the brand name AUREX represents reliable ultrasonic technology designed for the measurement of wall thicknesses and diameters.

AUREX MK 400 - a comprehensive solution

Very narrow design, mounted in extrusion direction, direct assembly on the vacuum tank, no support frame required.

AUREX MK 400 for pipe dimensions of 32 – 400 mm reduces the product weight per metre and thus the overall production costs significantly whilst narrow tolerances regarding the wall thickness, the diameter and the ovalness are reliably adhered to. The large working range offers a high degree of flexibility and during changes from small to large pipe diameters, there is no need for sensor adaptation. The very narrow system is assembled in extrusion direction and directly on the vacuum tank. This makes a supporting frame redundant in order to account for the limited space available in an extrusion line.

Quickly operational

AUREX MK 400 is equipped with its own water collection tank including overflow device above the measuring chamber. It is ensured that the chamber is constantly and suffi ciently filled with water. Thanks to the low water volume and the magnetic valve for fast and automated fi lling, the MK 400 becomes very quickly operational. Inside the system, air bubbles are able to rise to the top unhindered. The integrated water filter prevents system pollution. Further, the system disposes of a water collection basin for dripping water.

Perfect interplay of all components

MK 400 for all measuring, control and documentation tasks

Double sealings on the inlet side significantly improve measuring results as any air bubbles are removed from the pipe surface. On the outlet side, MK 400 is equipped with only one sealing. The sealings on the vacuum tank and all sealing sets can be easily and comfortably exchanged, quick fasteners on the inside and the outside help to ensure this. As the pipe is frequently not centered when it leaves the vacuum tank, this applies in particular to pipes with a diameter of ≤ 160 mm, it is centered and optimally guided by an easily adaptable manual double-cone guiding device. This guide element can be easily folded away, no tools required.

Precise measuring results

Ultrasonic sensors which are continuously rinsed with water to prevent any air bubbles from disturbing the measurement, are precisely designed to generate, receive and process ultrasonic echoes with the required exactness. The measuring electronics is a digital ultrasonic evaluation electronics with a highly precise performance and the proven AUREX software provides a flexibility to solve any measuring task. This combination of a highend electronics and an innovative measuring technology is able to evaluate up to 7 product layers, starting at a wall thickness of 0,02 mm. The 21" terminal based on a future-oriented and cross-platform solution permits the visualization as a website through easy integration via browser. Continued access to the most important applications is thus guaranteed.

Detailed product information available at any time

Comprehensive information

Measuring data is logged, thus comprehensive quality data can be provided at any time. The same applies to detailed product information. Particularly the adherence to very narrow tolerances of wall thickness, diameter and ovalness are of utmost importance. Further, wall thickness sizes, thin points, weights per metre and mass throughputs can be controlled by an iNOEX gravimetric system. As such, the production process becomes reproducible and remains on a constant quality level. MK 400 carries out almost all measuring, control and documentation tasks and can therefore be called a comprehensive solution for the automation of pipe extrusion lines.

Durable and easy to maintain

The robust product design makes it a very durable product. All cables and plugs are mounted outside the measuring chamber and inside the housing. Therefore, they have no contact with water which makes MK 400 a low-maintenance system. Ultrasonic sensors may even be exchanged during the ongoing production process. Further, MK 400 can be easily folded away from the vacuum tank which provides easy access to the sealings of the tanks whenever they need to be exchanged.

About the company

iNOEX GmbH founded in 1984 stands for innovative measuring and automation technology for the plastics extrusion industry. The iNOEX headquarter in Melle (Germany) is the place where pioneering technology for the pipe, profile, cable and film industry is developed.

Author: Melanie Neumann, Group Manager Marketing iNOEX GmbH




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