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Feddem: More than just extruders

The FED 26 MTX extruder

At Fakuma 2018, machine manufacturer FEDDEM GmbH& Co. KG from Sinzig/Germany presented its compact FED 26 MTS extruder and an overview of innovative accessories developed in-house. These accessories will provide considerable added value to customers.

The FED 26 MTS extruder is particularly well suited for product developments and as a pilot plant in production. The 34 kW motor is water-cooled and has a torque limiting clutch and high-torque transmission that ensure top performance. With a base length of 42 L/D and a 10 L/D module to extend the processing length to 52 L/D, this extruder can also be used for products requiring a longer dwell time.

The extruder barrel and screws feature high-strength wear-protection. Two versatile FSB side feeders can be adapted to enable feeding of powdery additives and/or glass fibres at up to 4 side openings. "The power electronics and control unit for the entire line are located in one control cabinet, which is built into the base frame of the extruder", notes Klaus Hojer, Business Development and Project Manager at FEDDEM, referring to the compact design. "The 15-inch touch screen operator panel with a pivot arm makes it possible to control the line centrally".

For every compounding application, whether engineering plastics compounds, masterbatches or biocompounds, FEDDEM has just the right machine in its product range. FEDDEM's standard MTS range offers sizes between 26 and 82 mm and a product-dependent throughput range between 40 kg/h and 4 t/h. Extruders with a larger Do/Di and a screw diameter up to 135 mm are also available to manufacture high-filled plastics compounds. FEDDEM's newly developed LFT-PT lines for manufacturing long-fibre pellets round out the range in the direction of special pellets.

The newly developed cleaning brush from FEDDEM. A (rod-shaped) shaft is connected to the distribution gearing and then connected to a hand-held electric drive (similar to a boring machine)

Yet another useful accessory offered by FEDDEM is a reliable strand breakage monitoring system using infrared sensors. "The system is reliable and is not affected by steam or splash water in the extruder's strand die area", says Hojer.

The company also has a special dual cleaning brush with a drive system for cleaning the figure-8-shaped barrel bore in a hot extruder during product changes, leading to a significant reduction in required cleaning times. "These brushes are customised according to centre-line distance and bore diameter, based on the customer's extruder dimensions", Hojer explains.

According to the machine constructor, the brush system is already in use at a number of customers' sites, where it contributes to significant time savings in the cleaning process. The brushes are currently available for extruder sizes with a screw diameter of 50 mm and greater.

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