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Super fast laser diameter gauges from Zumbach

Super fast laser diameter gauges from Zumbach

Selection of ODAC TRIO measuring heads

Diameter Scanner and Flaw Detector in One Unit

ZUMBACH, pioneer of on line measurement and its triple axis ODAC TRIO laser diameter gauges belong to the market leaders of super fast diameter measuring devices. Three synchronized measurement axis in one single plane provide comprehensive measurement coverage, peak-precision diameter and ovality measurement as well as precise and super-fast flaw detection capabilities. Such combinations will help to reduce system costs due to the combination of diameter measurement and flaw detection into one single measuring device. Optimum process control in continuous manufacturing processes are guaranteed thanks to highest precision and reliability. The combination of super fast scan rates, highly precise and reliable measurement contribute to the reduction of scrap and production costs: your manufacturing process remains profitable all along.

Thanks to the compact design, the ODAC TRIO measuring heads can be used in virtually every manufacturing process in the wire and cable industry, the plastics and rubber industry as well as the steel and metal industry. Known for precision, quality and ease of use the laser measuring heads from ZUMBACH are among the best of their class. The technological basis considered for these measuring heads is always of the latest cutting edge technology, with laser diodes as light sources combined with intelligent and powerful measuredvalue processors which facilitate a simple and flexible integration.

Main Adavantages:

  •  9000 measurements per second.
  •  3 synchronized measurement axes on 1 single plane.
  •  Reliable detection of the ovality. 
  • Yields highly accurate mean value, regardless of the orientation of the product ovality. 
  • Increased measurement accuracy and reliability. 
  • High dirt and dust tolerance. 

Amongst the outstanding features are features such as single scan calibration (CSS), single scan monitoring and high data rate output of up to 200 (Depending on the measuring head model, the number of transmitted measured values as well as the baud rate of the interface) data packages per second. The measuring heads can be used with all line speeds. Vibrations during production have no noticeable influence on measurements.



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