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Tecno System has been working for several decades closely with B-TEC Srl, a world leader in design and construction of high quality extrusion dyes and calibrators for the extrusion of thermoplastic profiles. B-TEC specialized in dyes and calibrators for profiles for window frames, roller shutters (2x10 m/min), panels, cable management ducts, gutters and rainwater pipes, etc. B-TEC's skills, combined with Tecno System's experience in roll-forming, punching, "fly-cut" at high production speeds are perfectly integrated, and give as result a high level of customer satisfaction, the quality achieved on the finished product, together with the renown strength and durability of the B-TEC tooling.

Among the most important and innovative common projects resulting from the synergy between Tecno System and B-TEC, it is worth mentioning the one concerning the reinforcement of profiles by means of coextrusion with fiberglass wires in window profiles. This technology makes it possible to keep the traditional construction of the line unchanged, the extruder is the same, as no abrasive material goes through the cylinder and screws. The downstream of the line is also the usual window profile line, as well as the die and calibrator, making it possible to produce profiles without and with reinforcement with the same set of tooling. The window profiles present almost no retraction, the frames made with this profiles don't need a metal reinforcement for most of the common dimensions of windows.

Another recent project has been realized for an important Russian client, concerning the construction of a complete line for the production of SIDING panels in coextruded foamed PVC, with a pigmented surface layer on which a wood grain is embossed by a particularly relevant calender.

Further intriguing projects that require the expertise of both brands are already under study while the main objective remains to implement the intuitions and ideas of the final customers for the creation of innovative products with a strong impact on national and international market.

"The strengths of Tecno System are versatility and flexibility," as pointed out by Marco Rubbi, Commercial Manager, "fundamental characteristics to face a market characterized by a growing variety of extrusions made with different thermoplastic materials. This merger will help us bring our already excellent positions to a higher level, driving us to concentrate on projects with higher added value.

So the 2018 year represents for Tecno System a decisive year of strong growth, already consolidated in the previous year in which the TPV Division Mechanical Division, part of Tecno System, celebrated 60 years of activity and successes. Supported by a growing demand in the field of extrusion lines as "turnkey project", Tecno System strengthens its position on the national and international markets.

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