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KraussMaffei adjusts new pultrusion solutions

News 30.01.2018
PM RPM 2018 01 Technikum
The TechCenter at KraussMaffei now offers a rebar pultrusion system in addition to the iPul system for flat sections

KraussMaffei has recently been paying much attention to the development of new marketable pultrusion technologies. Its TechCenter in Munich has already come up with iPul – an efficient flat section solution. And now it is high time for a rebar system.

The iPul technology, presented last year, boasts much higher production rate in comparison with conservative tub or pull-through processes. KraussMaffei has joined its efforts with Covestro and Huntsman to adopt this innovative technology to the partners' applications (window profiles and wind turbine blades respectively).

KraussMaffei researchers believe there is a great future reserved for fiberglass rebar poltrusion systems. Despite the existing problems with developing efficient full-scale manufacturing solutions, they simply have too many advantages to leave them behind. Epoxy-based rebars will one day generally substitute steel ones first of all due to their rust-resistance. This feature allows reducing the overlaying concrete thickness leading to lesser weight and thus making logistical operations easier and less expensive.

PM RPM 2018 01 Rebars
Corrosion-resistant and lightweight: pultruded rebar

Another potential benefit lies in endless production possibility provided by poltrusion technology which makes rebars very promising in terms of manufacturing efficiency once the existing technological challenges are dealt with.

iPul system modifies the classical poltrusion process by encapsulating the soaking of the fibers in an injection box allowing new reactive matrices (epoxy, polyurethane) as well as dramatically increasing production rate.


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